Panelist at the Infinity Salon for the World Science Festival, NYC, June 2013

The World Science Festival is coming to New York (May 29 — June 2), with numerous interesting events, including the infinity salon, an intimate, free-wheeling discussion about infinity, entitled The future of Infinity:  Solving Math’s most notorious problem, for an audience of experts.

I shall be on the panel along with Steven Strogatz, W. Hugh Woodin and others,  moderated by Keith Devlin.

I’m looking forward to it!

(Note that tickets are required for many events.)

From the salon web site:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


In 1873, Georg Cantor proved that there are different sizes of infinity. Cantor tried to answer the question by proposing the Continuum Hypothesis. A solution of sorts was found in 1963, but the answer—proof that there was no proof—raised questions about the foundations of mathematics. Most deemed that counting the infinite was beyond mathematical precision. Recently, progress has been made, and the Continuum Hypothesis might have a definite answer—true or false.


The World Science Festival’s annual salon series offers in-depth conversations with leading scientists, extending the discussion of the Festival’s premiere public programs to graduate students, postdocs, faculty and well-informed members of the general public.

Keith Devlin’s blog post about the discussion

3 thoughts on “Panelist at the Infinity Salon for the World Science Festival, NYC, June 2013

  1. Well, it was indeed a lot of fun, and afterwards, some of the audience members came up to the stage with further interesting questions. Several asked me for my autograph! (?!)

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