My graduate students

I am very pleased to have been able to supervise some truly outstanding graduate students, and the opportunity to have worked so closely with them has surely been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.  How pleasant it has been in each case to see our interactions transform over the years from one of teacher and student to one of earnest colleagues, as each of them gained intellectual and power over their dominion.  I look forward to many years of further research interactions with them; surely I shall continue to learn a great deal from them.

My current Ph.D. students are:

  • Nuno Filipe Mendes da Silva Maia, University of Oxford, Philosophy
  • Samuel Adam-Day, University of Oxford, Mathematics
  • Wojciech Aleksander Wołoszyn, University of Oxford, Mathematics
  • Hans Robin Solberg, University of Oxford, Philosophy 

My graduate students who have completed their Ph.D. degree are:

I was the Master’s Thesis Supervisor of:

  • Davide Leonessi, MSc, University of Oxford, Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science MFoCS
  • Clara List, MSC 2020, University of Oxford, Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science MFoCS
  • Ansten Mørch-Klev, M.Sc. 2007, ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Logic

I am or was on the thesis committee for the following students (see more details):

  • Kaethe Minden, Ph.D. 2017, CUNY Graduate Center, Mathematics
  • Regula Krapf, Ph.D. 2017, University of Bonn, Mathematics
  • Jacob Davis, Ph.D. 2016, Carnegie Mellon University, Mathematics
  • Burak Kaya, Ph.D. 2016, Rutgers University, Mathematics
  • Giorgio Audrito, Ph.D. 2016, University of Torino, Mathematics
  • Kostas Tsaprounis, Ph.D. 2012, University of Barcelona, Mathematics
  • Shoshana Friedman, Ph.D. 2010, CUNY Graduate Center, Mathematics
  • Paul Ellis, Ph.D. 2009, Rutgers University, Mathematics
  • Scott Schneider, Ph.D. 2009, Rutgers University, Mathematics
  • Sam Coskey, Ph.D. 2008, Rutgers University, Mathematics
  • Joost Winter, M.S. 2007, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Logic
  • Can Baskent, M.S. 2007, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Logic
  • Yurii Khomskii, M.S. 2007, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Logic
  • Federico Marulanda Rey, Ph.D. 2007, Columbia University, Philosophy
  • Erez Shochat, Ph.D. 2006, CUNY Graduate Center, Mathematics
  • Ivan Welty, Ph.D. 2006, Columbia University, Philosophy
  • Sidney Raffer, Ph.D. 1999, CUNY Graduate Center, Mathematics

Please see more:  About my students

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