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The full text of each of my articles listed here is available in pdf and other formats—just follow the links provided to the math arxiv for preprints or to the journal itself for the published version, if this is available.

(Due to technical difficulties with a plugin connecting to the database, only 65 publications will appear; I am working on it.)

3 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Dear Joel David Hamkins,

    I would like to buy your new book “a mathematicians year in japan”. Unfortunately Amazon will not let me buy, most likely because I’m not in the U.S. Is there any way to get a print copy instead of a kindle version? Barring that is there perhaps another way to obtain a copy? Thanks in advance!


    • Dear Lee,

      I’m very sorry, but the book is not available in paper format. It currently exists only in electronic format, on Kindle. Kindle format books can be read on almost any device (phone, computer, tablet) with the free Kindle application.



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