A brief history of set theory…

A few months ago, Peter Doyle sent me a cryptic email, containing only the following photo and a subject line containing the title of this post.

A brief history of set theory, by François Dorais (photo by Peter Doyle)

I was mystified, until François Dorais subsequently explained that he had given a short presentation on recent progress in foundations for prospective graduate students at Dartmouth.

I’m glad to know that the upcoming generation will have an accurate historical perspective on these things!  🙂

2 thoughts on “A brief history of set theory…

    • Speaking of that, have I told you about the theorem I recently proved with Ruizhi Yang? There are models of set theory $M_1$ and $M_2$ that agree on what they think is the standard model of arithmetic $\mathbb{N}^{M_1}=\mathbb{N}^{M_2}$, yet they have an arithmetic sentence $\sigma$ such that $M_1$ thinks $\sigma$ is true and $M_2$ thinks $\neg\sigma$. We’ll be posting the paper soon.

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