My view of Univ

Appearing in The Martlet, Issue 11, Spring 2020, University College, Oxford.

My view of Univ

“I came to Oxford last year, leaving an established career in New York, and found a welcoming new home, an ideal environment for research and intellectual stimulation. Through the big wooden door to the Main Quad, I enter the College each day to find fascinating new conversations with historians, classicists, geologists, political scientists, medical scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, artists and even Egyptologists. What a life! I take on Oxford like a fine wool coat, enveloping me, suiting me perfectly.”

Professor Joel David Hamkins, Sir Peter Strawson Fellow in Philosophy at Univ and Professor of Logic at Oxford

One thought on “My view of Univ

  1. Beautifully written while carefully avoiding any kind of absolute claim which may contradict relativistic nature of the multiverse web, as each individual world, no matter how amazing it may seem internally, may look imperfect from the perspective of another universe’s inhabitants!

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