The proper and semi-proper forcing axioms for forcing notions that preserve $\aleph_2$ or $\aleph_3$

[bibtex key=HamkinsJohnstone2009:PFA(aleph_2-preserving)]

We prove that the PFA lottery preparation of a strongly unfoldable cardinal $\kappa$ under $\neg 0^\sharp$ forces $\text{PFA}(\aleph_2\text{-preserving})$, $\text{PFA}(\aleph_3\text{-preserving})$ and $\text{PFA}_{\aleph_2}$, with $2^\omega=\kappa=\aleph_2$.  The method adapts to semi-proper forcing, giving $\text{SPFA}(\aleph_2\text{-preserving})$, $\text{SPFA}(\aleph_3\text{-preserving})$ and $\text{SPFA}_{\aleph_2}$ from the same hypothesis. It follows by a result of Miyamoto that the existence of a strongly unfoldable cardinal is equiconsistent with the conjunction $\text{SPFA}(\aleph_2\text{-preserving})+\text{SPFA}(\aleph_3\text{-preserving})+\text{SPFA}_{\aleph_2}+2^\omega=\aleph_2$.  Since unfoldable cardinals are relatively weak as large cardinal notions, our summary conclusion is that in order to extract significant strength from PFA or SPFA, one must collapse $\aleph_3$ to $\aleph_1$.

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