Representing Ordinal Numbers with Arithmetically Interesting Sets of Real Numbers

[bibtex key=”BlairHamkinsOBryant2020:Representing-ordinal-numbers-with-arithmetically-interesting-sets-of-real-numbers”]

Abstract. For a real number $x$ and set of natural numbers $A$, define $x∗A = \{xa \mod 1 \mid a \in A\}\subseteq [0,1)$. We consider relationships between $x$, $A$, and the order-type of $x∗A$. For example, for every irrational $x$ and order-type $\alpha$, there is an $A$ with $x ∗ A \simeq\alpha$, but if $\alpha$ is an ordinal, then $A$ must be a thin set. If, however, $A$ is restricted to be a subset of the powers of $2$, then not every order type is possible, although arbitrarily large countable well orders arise.

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