The Logic Bike

In 2004 I was a Mercator Gastprofessor at Universität MünHoratio on the Logic Bikester, Institut für mathematische Logik  und Grundlagenforschung, where I was involved with interesting mathematics, particularly with Ralf Schindler and Gunter Fuchs, who is now at CUNY.

At that time, I had bought a bicycle, and celebrated Münster’s incredible bicycle culture, a city where the number of registered bicycles significantly exceeds the number of inhabitants.  I have long thought that Münster gets something fundamentally right about how to live in a city with bicycles, and the rest of the world should take note.  I am pleased to say that in recent years, New York City is becoming far more bicycle-friendly, although we don’t hold a candle to Münster.

At the end of my position, I donated the bicycle to the Logic Institute, where it has now become known as the Logic Bike, and where I have recently learned that over the years it has now been ridden by a large number of prominent set theorists; it must be one of the few bicycles in the world to have its own web page!

2 thoughts on “The Logic Bike

  1. When we were at the MPI, Kathy and I bought two bikes. We couldn’t resist the quick cash and sold ’em to another visitor at the end of the summer. How much better is it to have a permanent fixture?! Makes me want to visit Münster even more.

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