The weakly compact embedding property, Apter-Gitik celebration, CMU 2015

This will be a talk at the Conference in honor of Arthur W. Apter and Moti Gitik at Carnegie Mellon University, May 30-31, 2015.  I am pleased to be a part of this conference in honor of the 60th birthdays of two mathematicians whom I admire very much.

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Abstract. The weakly compact embedding property for a cardinal $\kappa$ is the assertion that for every transitive set $M$ of size $\kappa$ with $\kappa\in M$, there is a transitive set $N$ and an elementary embedding $j:M\to N$ with critical point $\kappa$. When $\kappa$ is inaccessible, this property is one of many equivalent characterizations of $\kappa$ being weakly compact, along with the weakly compact extension property, the tree property, the weakly compact filter property and many others. When $\kappa$ is not inaccessible, however, these various properties are no longer equivalent to each other, and it is interesting to sort out the relations between them. In particular, I shall consider the embedding property and these other properties in the case when $\kappa$ is not necessarily inaccessible, including interesting instances of the embedding property at cardinals below the continuum, with relations to cardinal characteristics of the continuum.

This is joint work with Brent Cody, Sean Cox, myself and Thomas Johnstone.

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Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts

2 thoughts on “The weakly compact embedding property, Apter-Gitik celebration, CMU 2015

  1. I wish I could attend to the conference.

    Your talk seems interesting, and it reminds me th efollowing two papers by William Boos:

    1) Boolean Extensions which Efface the Mahlo Property.

    2) Infinitary compactness without strong inaccessibility.

    Do you know if the title of the speakers talks will be updated in the conference web-page and if the slides of the talks we be given there after he conference?

    • I’ll take a look at those papers. I don’t know when or if the conference page will be updated, but perhaps speakers will place their slides on their own pages. That is what I intend to do.

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